George Jax a seasoned waterman and professional contractor developed The Jax Trailer in 2010 to solve the problem of carrying his standup paddle board down to the beach. "Necessity is the mother of invention," George would say. It all began with a metal bender bolted to the garage floor, some scrap metal, a small bike wheel and a pair of training wheels... The evolution of this product was quite a journey, and the end result is a beautifully designed accessory for a great new water sport. His son Kyle Jax - Cofounder, after returning home from college assisted in the refining of the prototype, designed the branding, and executed the marketing and business strategies. The Jax Trailer was created to make the trek to the waters edge with your standup paddle board and paddle, hassle free. 

Standup paddle boarding has become one of the most popular water sports. Many individuals that participate in this new water sport would agree that transporting these heavy and cumbersome boards to the waters edge is extremely difficult. Add a paddle to the equation and this task becomes nearly impossible. The Jax Trailer will make transporting your standup paddleboard and paddle to the waters edge an easy and stress free process. 

Mission:  The trek to the waters edge with your standup paddle board & paddle, hassle free.

Vision: Successfully make the entire standup paddle board experience easier and more enjoyable.

Handmade in USA / Patent Pending 2012